The Tall Shepherd

Sheep and two horses surround the Tall Shepherd hay feeder for round or square bales

Explore a Better Hay Feeder

The Tall Shepherd is built to last a lifetime. It’s made out of 12GA material. There are no sharp edges on the feeder and all of the corners are bent. This feeder is best used with round or square bales. It is perfect for smaller animals! The plastic pieces allow them to eat from the bottom of the bale instead of pulling out hay and wasting it.


  • Bales: Round or Square (Up to 2,400 lbs)

  • Feeder Weighs: About 950 lbs

  • Livestock: Smaller Animals (Sheep, Goat, Calves, etc.)


  • Feeder Height: 7ft 7in    

  • Feeder Width (Base is Square): 7ft 2in 

  • Bottom Feeder to Top of Tray Rail: 2ft


  • Reduced Bacteriological And Fecal Contamination Of Feed — Best In Class 10 Year Warranty

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

  • Our System Accommodates: Feeders For All Livestock, All Types And Sizes Of Bales,Tractor And Hydraulic Truck Bed Loading

  • Save Time, Save Money, Save Hay 

  • 12 GA American Made Steel

  • Little To No Hay Waste In Spring To Remove

  • No Bare Or Weedy Spots In Pasture Where You Fed All Winter — Making Feeding Easy 

  • Tray Is Made From High Molecular High Density Polyethylene And Is  Tested From -20°F to 140°F