Square Bale Feeder

Find a Square Bale Feeder That’s More Effective

When you have square bales of hay, you want to use them just as they are. If you have to spend the time breaking them up, it’s going to take more time out of your day. You also have more waste as the livestock aren’t going to eat every piece of hay that you put onto the ground.


At Western Pro Feeders, we have developed a square bale feeder that’s more effective. The patented technology is a game-changer because of the many benefits that it offers.


First of all, you will find that square bale feeders for cattle can make it faster for you to finish feeding all your livestock. There are dual hay doors that will swing wide to accommodate vertical loading of hay bales.


The sliding skids on the square hay feeder also allow you to push or drag the feeder without much trouble, even if there’s a bale inside. It ensures that your livestock get a dry area to feed and you won’t have to struggle with moving the feeder.


Effectiveness is also found with the square hay feeder as it has a plastic tray attached to it. This makes it easier for the animals to feed without burning their mouths. It can keep your livestock healthier as well because the design ensures that the hay isn’t falling to the ground where you would have to worry about fecal or chemical contamination.


If you need us, Western Pro Feeders is here to explain the many benefits that are offered with our feeders. We can show you how they work and how easy it will be to feed your livestock  when you deploy these feeders into the pasture.




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