Round Bale Feeder

Accommodate Bigger Bales with a Unique Round Hay Feeder

When you have a large number of animals to feed, you need a feeder that is capable of getting the job done effectively. At Western Pro Feeders, we will show you a round bale feeder that can accommodate bigger bales of hay to offer you convenience and reliability.


Imagine if you could simply place a large bale of hay into the feeder and walk away. That doesn’t have to be a dream. It’s a reality with our pro feeders because the systems are capable of accommodating round or square bales of hay in virtually any size. They will accommodate up to 72-inch widths and up to 2400 pounds. Think about how many animals you could feed with a single feeder on your property.


The reason for the larger round bale feeder is to make it easier for you to take care of feeding. You shouldn’t have to spend hours getting the livestock fed. Instead, you can use bale handling equipment to simply drive by the feeders on your tractor. Set the bale and move along to the next feeder.


Our goal is to make it easier for you to feed the animals while also being able to save money. We have built round bale feeders for cattle so that they are safe and sturdy. There are no sharp edges on the feeder. Additionally, the American-made steel offers the strength so that you can use the feeders for years without having to deal with replacing them.


The dual hay doors will make it that much easier for you to load the bales of hay into the round bale feeder, too. When you’re ready to discover the benefits in detail, come shop for your Western Pro Feeders today!



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