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Pasture Hay Feeders for Horses

Simplify Feeding Time with Pasture Hay Feeders



What if you could feed the various animals on your land more effectively? At Western Pro Feeders, we offer pasture hay feeders for horses and cattle that accept various sizes of hay bales. The patented shape of our cone is specifically built to address many difficulties other various feeders have had in the past.


Previously, you may have had to take several bales of hay out to the pasture. Then, you’d break it up and wait for the livestock to come over and eat. This may have also involved having to herd everyone to where the site of feeding was set up.


By using livestock feeders from Western Pro Feeders, you have the ability to bring the feeder to the animals. It can hold a substantial amount of hay in either a round or square bale. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the traditional amount of loss due to trampling and other factors.


We have considered everything to make it easier for you to speed up feeding time. With our pasture hay feeders for cattle, we focus on efficiency. Due to the unique design of the feeder, it catches most of the hay that’s not eaten in the plastic feeding tray. This will save you time from having to pick up the scattered waste off of the ground. The added bonus is that you’ll save money because of reducing the amount of waste.


A cattle and horse feeder can vary dramatically from one model to another. As such, you have to do your research to determine how it’s going to make it easier for you to feed your livestock. We understand that you have a lot of chores to do. Order your feeders from us at Western Pro Feeders today. It can be one of the best investments that you make within your operations.

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If you need us, Western Pro Feeders is here to explain the many benefits that are offered with our feeders. We can show you how they work and how easy it will be to feed your livestock  when you deploy these feeders into the pasture.

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