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Livestock Feeder

Opt for a More Reliable Livestock Feeder



At Western Pro Feeders, we provide reliability by reducing waste, providing a safer feeder, and offering a healthier feeding tray. The reduced waste comes from the overall design of the cattle feeder. You can place a bale of hay up to 2400 pounds inside and know that it’s going to be almost fully consumed. It will allow the hay to slide down into the cone. In some operations, the efficiency is around 97%. By reducing your waste, you can save quite a bit of money throughout the year.

HMHDPE - High Molecular High Density Polyethylene

The HMHDPE (High Molecular High Density Polyethylene) plastic feeding tray is easy to clean, and keeps the hay from landing on the ground so that there’s no chemical or fecal contamination in play. This plastic feeder also ensures livestock don’t burn their mouths. There are no sharp edges, either, due to the precision bends. Plus, there are bars around the perimeter to ensure that small animals don’t get underneath the feeder.


Particularly when you’re feeding younger livestock, you can expect a higher daily weight gain. With our cattle feeder and other livestock feeders, you know that your livestock are eating more of what you feed and you can anticipate a higher overall performance from them.


When you take advantage of a more reliable livestock feeder from Western Pro Feeders, you can ensure that you’re running more efficient operations. There’s no need to have hay all over the ground after feeding time. The feeders are easy to load, allowing you to use bales of hay in any size and shape that works for you


Wasted hay could actually be money in your pocket. Any way you can cut down on that waste, you’re saving a lot over time, and Wester Pro Feeders prevent a great deal of waste.

Hay Bales


our Feeders

If you need us, Western Pro Feeders is here to explain the many benefits that are offered with our feeders. We can show you how they work and how easy it will be to feed your livestock  when you deploy these feeders into the pasture.

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