01 / FAST

We all know the saying "Time is Money." Well, put that money back in your pocket because we've made it faster than ever to feed your animals.

  • Dual hay doors swing wide open to fit any size round or square bale up to 72" wide!

  • Our sliding skids make it quick to pull the feeder out of the mud and give your animals some fresh ground to stand on

  • With large bale moving equipment you can easily drop the bale in from the top of the feeder and never even get off your tractor!

02 / SAFE

We might take the safety of your animals more seriously than you do! We've spent hundreds of hours optimizing our design, so rest assured, your animals feed safely. 

  • Bent Pipe Design eliminating all sharp edges on the feeder

  • Light color, heat dispersing tray protects your animals mouths in the hot summer

  • Colt/calf bars surround the perimeter of the feeder base so your little ones won't venture under the feeder

  • Protected, rounded and locked nuts and bolts

03 / EASY

The Western Pro Feeder is incredibly easy to use. With luxuries like

  • Greasable hinges on both hay doors

  • All brass contact surfaces inside our hinges ensure reliable and easy operation for years

  • Dual doors make placing the bale inside the feeder a breeze

  • Sliding Skids make it simple to slide the feeder around the pasture with any piece of equipment

  • Fork Slots on 2 sides make it easy to pick the feeder up with standard pallet forks, even with a full bale loaded


Efficiency is our middle name. It's our "Special Sauce."


The amount you feed your animals and what they actually consume are often two very different numbers. You know, because you have to clean up the wasted hay scattered on the ground. We're sure you don't need a reminder about the good money you paid for all that hay you're piling up.


We've found that typical operations waste an average of 30% or more of the hay they feed.

In operations using the Western Pro Feeder, we've seen efficiencies as high as 97%! That means when you feed a 900 lb round bale, your animals will actually consume over 870 lbs of that bale.


We've never been the ones to back away from a challenge. This challenge was building a feeder that would last. Not just for a season or two, but for years and years.

  • The Western Pro Feeder is built from 12GA American Made steel. That's over 200% thicker than most of our competitors!

  • Our feed tray is made from High Molecular High Density Polyethylene and tested from -20°F to 140°F

  • Each bend is made using our high precision CNC Mandrel Bender to preserve wall thickness in our pipe

  • All joints boast a continuous, full-penetration weldment

  • Every weld is inspected by an ASW Certified Welder


The Western Pro Feeder and Nutrient Retention go hand in hand. We focused on the key factors that research uncovered as the top sources of nutrient loss:

  • Leaf Shatter

  • Chemical Deterioration

  • Physical Deterioration

  • Fecal Contamination

  • Over Consumption

  • Trampling

  • Refusal

You can expect: 

  • Higher daily weight gain in young animals

  • To administer wormer less often

  • Higher overall performance from your animals




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