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Hay Feeding Systems

Choose Hay Feeding Systems that Save Money



You can expect to see healthier animals because of achieving the desired weight level. You may also find that you are administering wormer less frequently. This way, you aren’t spending a fortune at the vet. Ultimately, this keeps your consumers healthier too.

The hay feeding systems that you choose need to provide a variety of benefits. Our systems make feeding time fast while providing a higher level of efficiency. The HMHDPE (High Molecular High Density Polyethylene) plastic feeding tray is also a healthier alternative that can help prevent nutrient loss. Additionally, our feeders are strong, ensuring that they last year after year thanks to the American-made 12-gauge steel.


At Western Pro Feeders, we are proud to use patented technology that offers a fast solution for feeding your animals that is also safe, easy, and highly efficient. You may be surprised by the resources you can save over time by introducing our unique hay feeder to your property.


You already know that you are wasting hay. It doesn’t take much to look down at the ground after feeding time to know that your livestock aren’t eating 100% of the hay. In some instances, the amount of waste could be 30%. If you’re buying 100 pounds of hay, 30 pounds may never be consumed. This can be an extraordinary expense over the course of the year depending on how many bales of hay you purchase.


Our universal hay feeder is capable of accepting bales of hay up to 2400 pounds. Additionally, it can accommodate all of the different sizes, allowing you to set in a bale of hay with confidence that it will fit.


When you want to start saving money across your operations, you have to look at the way in which you are feeding your livestock and ways to reduce the loss that you might be experiencing. Order your Western Pro Feeder with us online today.

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