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Introducing a hay feeder to your operations can be just what you have been searching for. Not all feeders are created equally. We want to introduce you to our feeder that incorporates patented technology. The feeders that you can get from us at Western Pro Feeders offer safety, ease, efficiency, and more.


Farm animal feeders should be easy to use. Our system allows you to use round or square bales of hay. This allows you to shop around for the best prices without feeling as though you have to conform to one version or another. If it is more affordable, it doesn’t matter what shape it is as you can use it within our system.


Particularly when you have a large number of animals, you need a hay feeder that is capable of holding more hay. Otherwise, you spend half your day bringing out new bales of hay for everyone. Our horse hay feeder can hold bales up to 72 inches wide and hold up to 2400 pounds. This ensures that everyone gets fed and that you can always add another feeder depending on how many animals need feeding.


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Hay Bales


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Don't wait. Shop our feeders today. Our patented technology will save you time and money!

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