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Hay Bale Feeder

Get your Livestock Fed Faster with a Hay Bale Feeder



Feeding time doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. At Western Pro Feeders, we offer a hay bale feeder that can be easily moved to any location you may need, and allows you to use both round and square bales of hay.


With the use of a bale feeder, you can cut down the time it takes to feed animals drastically. In many instances, you won’t even have to get off of your tractor to get the job done. Simply set the bale of hay into the feeder and continue on your way.


It’s time that you use a bale feeder that gets the job done. You can buy round or square bales based on whatever is the most cost-efficient. Then, you can simply place the feeders to where you need them to be. The hay that’s not eaten will catch in the feeder tray, preventing the need to go behind the livestock and clean up what was left. When you’re ready to make a difference in your feeding, order your Western Pro Feeders online today.

Hay Bales


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If you need us, Western Pro Feeders is here to explain the many benefits that are offered with our feeders. We can show you how they work and how easy it will be to feed your livestock  when you deploy these feeders into the pasture.

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