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Western Pro Feeders patented technology saves you hay, time and money.

Meet Western Pro Feeder's Patented Technology.

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Founded in 2014, we were frustrated with the feeders on our ranch and knew we could do better. So, just like the old saying, "Necessity is the mother of invention," we set out to build our own. 

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Watch what our patented technology offers...

High Quality

Built with American made 12-gauge steel. Our feeding trays are constructed with High Molecular High Density Polyethylene plastic which protects from burning.

Easy Large Capacity

Western Pro Feeders patented technology can hold up to 2400 pounds of hay and accommodate all different bale shapes and sizes.

Save Time

Our duel hay doors make it easier to load and the sliding skids all for easy movement & placement. Simply use your tractor to slide the feeder to place.

No Waste

Keeping your feed off of the ground for less chances of chemical absorption and worm contamination. Less spoilage and less vet visits equals money in your pocket. 

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What Others Ranchers Say...


My Western Pro Feeder is the best investment I have ever made in regards to feeding our livestock! It saves us approximately 20% in hay expense per year! It makes feeding so much easier & faster. I like paying for things one time, this feeder is built like a tank, the livestock have not a chance in damaging it. I highly recommend Western Pro Feeder to anyone who has fed 1 head or a thousand, as a matter of fact, feel free to give anyone who has questions bout your feeder my number and I’ll be glad to talk to them personally! Thanks for creating such a great product! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Jim - Oklahoma


We have been using the Western Pro Feeder for 3 years now and love it! There is hardly any hay wasted now by my horses and it is very easy to move and manage, even my wife can move it! The feeder is built stout enough that I’m not worried about putting my bulls in there with it. I would highly recommend this feeder to anyone looking to be more efficient with their feeding as well as ease of operation. 

Kade - Nebraska


The Western Pro Feeder has definitely reduced the amount of hay that my cows were eating. This is a big money saver for me. I am feeding twenty five cows and three horses from one feeder. Before I purchased the WP feeder, one bale would only last two days. The feed area around my hay rings was a mess. Now I put out a fresh bale of hay every third day which suggest to me that I was wasting about a third of my hay. The area around the feeder is much cleaner and it is evident that there is not a much wasted feed. It is easy to load hay in the feeder. 

Wayne - Louisiana

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